Community Projects

 Linking Arts and Community

Since 1981, Urban Myth Theatre Company has provided young people and the broader community with a professionally guided artistic environment in which to achieve their creative and personal goals.

What we do

Urban Myth works across public, private, non-arts and community sectors providing: 
  • Professional development
  • Workshops
  • Presentations at Forums and Conferences
  • Residencies
  • Community Arts Projects

What you achieve

Urban Myth programs can contribute considerably to participants’:
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Self analysis through individual and group work
  • Expression of inner voice
  • Empowerment through storytelling
  • Self-esteem and emotional resilience
  • Problem solving

Our guiding principles

Urban Myth arts practice is guided by the following principles:
  • Arts should be accessible for all members of society, especially young people
  • Theatre in community creates social capital 
  • Development of ‘soft skills’ contributes to the personal, social and economic well-being of a country

Our artists

Staff at Urban Myth have extensive experience in working across a variety of sectors including: Government and Not-for-Profit, Disabilities, Multicultural, Aged Care, Education, Long Term Unemployed, Youth At Risk, Mental Health, Rural and Regional Community, Environment, Drug and Alcohol, Youth Suicide, Rehabilitation, Youth Correctional Services and Prisons.

Whether it is a project with a performance outcome or a series of in-house workshops, Urban Myth Theatre Company will work with you to develop your program.