Building the future through art and education 

“The Arts can act as a catalyst for personal and social transformation in schools and the community.”
(Australian Education Review, 2010)
 Since 1981, Urban Myth Theatre Company has provided young people and the broader community with a professionally guided artistic environment in which to achieve their creative and personal goals.

Education has always been at the heart of what we do and we’re pleased to present 2014’s performing arts program as an aid to learning in schools. In this booklet you will find a menu of specialist performance-based workshops, kinesthetic programs, and productions that have been designed to support teachers and students in their studies of the Performing Arts, English, English Literature and History; and in the development of creative thinking across all departments.

It is in the spirit of discovery that Urban Myth Theatre Company heads into 2014. And we invite you to join us to discover how we can work collaboratively with you to inspire children and to unearth new possibilities for personal and creative expression in this art form that we love.

Flip through these pages and you’ll see that each offering has been researched and linked to the curriculum; and you don’t have to be a drama student to participate. Whether you’re a member of the wider school community, a teacher, or a lover of drama, there is something for everyone.

Welcome to your year of discovery.